Montegrappa Made by You

Design Your Own Writing Instrument

Imagine holding a writing instrument that you designed yourself. With "Montegrappa Made by You," you can make this dream come true. Choose between a fountain pen a rollerball or a ballpoint and start your creative journey.

Choose Your Model: Zero Custom, Quattro Custom, Extra Custom, and Extra Otto Custom

Montegrappa offers a range of models to start your design journey. You can choose from Zero Custom, Quattro Custom, Extra Custom, and Extra Otto Custom. Each model provides a unique foundation for your creativity, allowing you to personalize it to your heart’s content.

Zero Custom
Quattro Custom
Extra Custom
Extra Otto Custom

Freedom to Choose

Montegrappa offers you the freedom to choose every detail of your writing instrument. From materials and colors to themes and decorations – you are free to create your unique masterpiece.



Choose from high-quality materials like resin, wood, precious metals, or even carbon fiber.


Let your imagination run wild with a wide range of colors and combinations.


Design your writing instrument with a special theme that means something to you.

You Are the Designer

Montegrappa empowers you as the designer with a simple, intuitive design dashboard for crafting your personalized writing instrument. Enjoy a 360° view of your creation on both desktop and mobile, with real-time price updates ensuring transparency throughout the customization process.

Save and Share Your Designs

Share your creative designs with friends and family. The ability to save and share your designs makes the process even more fun and interactive.


Conclusion: With “Montegrappa Made by You,” you have the unique opportunity to design your own personalized writing instrument. Let your creativity flow and create a masterpiece that reflects your personality and style. You are the designer – so start now and create the world’s most captivating pen!


EXPRESS YOURSELF with Montegrappa!


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